A flexible workout and nutrition program that will get you the results you're looking for... in just 28 days!

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Make this your mantra for 2017. NOW is your time to commit to YOURSELF.

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  • What I Believe

    We need to focus on a long term sustainable healthy lifestyle.

    SAY NO TO...
    Obsession with protein (or protein supplements)
    Night-time eating avoidance (if you are hungry, EAT!)
    Restriction of fruit consumption
    Cutting out carbs or fat sources
    Supplements | Expensive equipment
    Calorie counting |Daily weigh ins
    Restrictive diets | Yo-Yo Dieting

  • What You Can Expect From The 28 Day Challenge

    Users get 4 full weeks of fitness or nutrition programming (ALL of my fitness programs include the nutrition component!).  The 28 Day Challenge is designed to cater to YOUR personal fitness level and goals (without the need to invest in expensive fitness equipment, or supplements), so whether you are an elite athlete, or just looking to improve your overall health, you are going to be blown away by the results you will get in just 28 Days…and beyond!

  • My Challenges Include

    - 8 easy to implement nutrition guidelines to follow for 28 days
    - My FREE nutrition e-book that outlines what to enjoy, limit.
    - Access to my private 28 Day Facebook Group that offers support, recipes, and constant advice to help you succeed
    - Constant access to myself and my team that will share our knowledge, and be YOUR biggest cheerleaders
    - Progress and measurement tools to help you record your success! The Ultimate and Kettlebell Challenges.


I offer 4 full weeks of either fitness or nutrition focused programs that are easily modified to your unique lifestyle and goals. Suitable for both beginners or elite athletes, my program is proven to get you to lose weight, gain definition and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
Nutrition Challenge

Get the benefits of a nutrition program without committing to workouts includes:

Nutrition e-book to life changing nutrition challenges for you.
50+ recipes.
Group Support.
Personal access to ask questions.
Advice and constant motivation.

Bodyweight Challenge

The nutrition program PLUS 8 full bodyweight workouts to double your results includes:

All nutrition challenge benefits8 body weight exercises (no equipment necessary)
Note: all exercises are shown with modifications to accommodate ALL fitness levels.

Kettlebell Challenge

The nutrition program PLUS 8 full bodyweight kettlebells to ramp up your strength and endurance includes:

All nutrition challenge benefits.8 bodyweight + kettlebell exercises (kettlebells required)Note: all exercises are shown with modifications to accommodate ALL fitness levels

Jennifer Hintenberger World Record

2X16kg Jerks 150 reps Biathlon Total 270 pts

KISS Workouts

5 Minute Kiss Workout (Keep It Simple Silly!)
Hot body workouts that you can do almost anywhere at any time!